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Therapeutic Bypassing

You may be familiar with the concept of spiritual bypassing. If you are not, it can be summarised as using spiritual practices and beliefs to avoid dealing with emotional wounds or psychological issues in one’s life. In addition to this well-known way of coping with or avoiding emotional pain, I am also seeing a different […]

LGBTQIA+ Therapy

The importance of gender, sex and relationship diversity in counselling training

I’ve recently had a piece published in Counselling Matters, the journal of my professional membership body the National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society. It’s a reflection on my training to become a therapist and how important it’s been for me to get advanced specialist training in working with people who are gender-expansive, have a range of […]

Accessibility Therapy Trans

Trans healthcare, Britishness and the NHS

I’ve been thinking about something since watching this video recently and reading people’s comments about it. If you have an hour and a half and a relatively strong constitution for emotional turmoil, I recommend watching it. It’s pretty heart-wrenching, and it has some interesting philosophical points about the nature of large institutions and some of […]


Therapy and fandom

I am a therapist. I am also a fan. I have been a fan for much longer than I have been a therapist, and my relationship with fandom is one that has provided me with a lot of rewarding experiences over the years. On Saturday, I will be presenting at my first ever fan convention […]