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Are friends electric? Online disinhibition and NRE

Most of what you read about online safety is, understandably, about protecting your personal data and not getting scammed. But what about your mental and emotional safety? People from some atomised minority groups who are geographically distant from their peers—LGBTQIA+, neurodivergent, disabled and other identities that are dispersed and struggle to access in-person community—often find […]

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The importance of gender, sex and relationship diversity in counselling training

I’ve recently had a piece published in Counselling Matters, the journal of my professional membership body the National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society. It’s a reflection on my training to become a therapist and how important it’s been for me to get advanced specialist training in working with people who are gender-expansive, have a range of […]


Trans Awareness Week 2022

13-19th November is Transgender Awareness Week – an opportunity to raise the profile of trans people and better understand the issues surrounding being trans at this moment in time. It will not come as a surprise to many that being trans is, now apparently more than ever, a battleground. The UK and US appear to […]

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World Mental Health Day 2022

10th October every year is World Mental Health Day; a day during which we can acknowledge the struggles of millions of people around the world with their mental health and bring understanding and compassion to their suffering. Much of what you will see about mental health today will focus on anxiety and depression, and the […]

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Minority stress: major impact

Being a member of a minority group – whether that is sexuality, gender, relationship style, neurotype, disability, body size, race or ethnicity – can sometimes feel like living beneath a cloud. Even for those of us proud to live under the rainbow banner, it can feel like a storm is brewing, ready to rain on […]

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IDAHoBiT 2022 – Inside and Out

17th May is International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia. The global day helps highlight how far we still must go in fully recognising the rights—and humanity—of LGBTQIA+[1] people all over the world. Most people have heard of Pride—events that celebrate protest and progress made by queer people in rights and acceptance—but fewer people have […]